2 Screenings at Anch Film Fest

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Tickets are available at the Alaska Experience Theater. All AFF screenings are $10.

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Sunday, Dec 3, 2017
4pm - 5:30pm
Alaska Experience Theater
333 West 4th Ave, Ste 270
Film Fest Category: Made In Alaska

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Thursday, Dec 7, 2017
6:15pm - 7:45pm
Alaska Experience Theater
333 West 4th Ave, Ste 270
Film Fest Category: Made In Alaska

If you were there that day - you're probably in this film!

Five/Thirty: An Urban Conflux was surprise event celebrating the Anchorage centennial. A one day gathering on May 30th, 2015 (that's the "Five/Thirty" part) to discover Urban Anchorage in unexpected ways. Events were organized to happen all over the city simultaneously as a celebration of exploring urban life. 

Each event was in reality and experiment to learn if people would change what they had planned for the day if they were interrupted by musicians and offered a chance to divert to Town Square Park where a surprise was waiting for them: an Urban Conflux. The Urban Conflux told the history of Anchorage, through original music, movement and spoken word. The project partnered with the local businesses to create mock events that could be interrupted. People Mover and had musicians on the bus system in Anchorage for the first time in it's history. The Anchorage Symphony Orchestra partnered with local musicians playing original scores. 

The film demonstrates how we used music to disrupt and connect businesses, artists, and the people of Anchorage to each other and the history of our city.

Join us!

If you enjoyed the Urban Conflux surprise party, please make sure you share your email address with us. We are the masterminds behind the Anchorage Music Co-op and Spenard Jazz Fest. We want to make sure you stay connected to all the cool stuff we do!

Some Examples of Events on May 30th, 2015

Previous events

Bike Tour with Kamu and Klaus

 —  —

Starting location TBD

Anchorage is home to one-of-a-kind architecture. For a fresh take on neighborhood 'house gazing' from the car, join designers Kamu and Klaus for a guided bike tour showcasing local architectural areas of interest, and learn about the design process along the way.

Age limit: All ages

Covenant House Mobile Plant Giveaway

Covenant House, 755 A Street, Anchorage, Alaska

These kids have been growing plants from seed and on May 30th they're going to wander through downtown giving them away to random pedestrians. There may be some surprises along the way.

Age limit: All ages

Anchorage Museum: Centennial Bike Tour

Anchorage Museum, Corner of 7th Avenue and C Street

Join an Anchorage Museum curator for a bicycle tour of Anchorage in celebration of the Anchorage Centennial. Stops include important Dena'ina cultural sites, Ship Creek, early Anchorage homes, decommissioned military installations, and more. Please bring your own bike, helmet and lock. Bike rentals are available downtown. For more information contact Carolyn Kozak at 907-929-9205 or ckozak@anchoragemuseum.org.


Arc of Anchorage Hike

 —  —

2211 Arca Drive 2, 2211 Arca Drive 2, Anchorage

Summer is a beautiful time in Alaska and a great time to explore. Hike trails, visit nearby parks, explore streams, and appreciate the Alaskan wildlife! Please dress appropriately for the weather, bring a water bottle and wear adequate shoes for this activity. Contact Leah Solberg for details

Open Space Alaska presents Tai Chi in the Park

 —  —

Delaney Park Strip, 10th and E St., Anchorage, Alaska

Something brand new is happening on May 30th, and you won't want to miss it. More will be revealed as the date approaches, but if you want to have an awesome community Tai Chi experience, mark your calendar and join us on the Delaney Park Strip at noon! This is bigger than anything we have done before, so stand by. I'm inviting all Tai Chi groups and massage school alumni that I know, for a rare opportunity to reconnect and fellowship with old friends.

Age limit: All ages

Off the Chain SLOW ROLL!!!

Off the Chain, 1406 W 33rd, Unit D, Anchorage, AK

Anchorage, it's your chance to let your freak flag fly...um...I mean, it's your chance to let your FREAK BIKE RIDE!!! Dress up, dress YOUR BIKE UP, come out to 1406 W. 33rd and get ready for Anchorage's FIRST ANNUAL SLOW ROLL...think of it as a ginormous parade on bike. Dress accordingly, and bring EVERYONE!! Gather at 12:15, start riding at 12:30 sharp!

Participating Businesses











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